Fashion takes place in all areas of life, not just the sidewalks of Saskatoon but also the sidelines, benches, and fields of the city as well.  What about at the gym? Or for your local sports team? Look no further, Saskatoon’s own MEE Sports is here to complete all these needs for you. Specializing in team and individual sportswear that is functional, specific for maximum form, style and created with the athlete in mind. Their moto says it all, “Designed by Athletes for Athletes”. This is a locally operated clothing manufacturing business tailored to create all athletic clothing.  

Their main niche is helping teams “Be An Original” by creating unique and trendy team and club wear that makes them stand out as well as practically designed sportswear that optimizes fit, form, and function regardless of the sport or build of the athlete. MEE Sports adds a personal touch to their design by working one on one with the athlete to ensure that all their needs are met. I spoke with owner Harvey Viteychuk on the brand and business he helped create with his brother 31 years ago.

Photographer:Rod Mar/ Seattle Seahawks

Photographer:Rod Mar/ Seattle Seahawks

Q: How did MEE Sports get started?

Thirty-one years ago, my brother was a body builder in the gym and was finding the gym wear available neither functional or well made so he started sewing his own. Soon enough he had people asking him to make garments for them as well. I was out of work at the time and the opportunity presented itself to join him and broaden our scope by designing and manufacturing clothes for athletes tailored to their specific sport and build for maximize performance. Both competitive athletes ourselves we used our knowledge and background to create products to fit various builds and, most importantly function, while playing the sport. Initially, it was windsuits and warm up gear but overtime has evolved into uniforms for a wide spectrum of sports and specific action pieces for men and women for activities they are involved in. 


Glen Grant/ MEE Sports  Models: Erin Phillips and Elise Ottenbreit

Glen Grant/ MEE Sports

Models: Erin Phillips and Elise Ottenbreit

Q: What are you most looking forward to with collaborating with SFDF?

This is our first time being part of a fashion show. We are excited to see where this new avenue of exposure takes us. In the future we are looking at designing clothes that are also to be worn in everyday life, not just for the athlete.  We want to let people know we can design and tailor anything for them here in Saskatoon.

Q: What is something readers may not know but should know about MEE Sports?

The garments are still made and manufactured completely in house in Saskatoon, Canada, even after all these years when so much manufacturing has gone overseas. We are in complete control of the whole production cycle making it also easier for changes to be made and clients to get exactly what they envisioned in design. MEE Sports is dedicated to staying on top of the newest technologies with our innovative styling and sizing for everyone. Our designers work closely with the client to ensure satisfaction with the end product.

Harvey Vitychuk/ MEE Sports  Model: Hanna Sookocheff

Harvey Vitychuk/ MEE Sports

Model: Hanna Sookocheff

Q: What are your main products/sportswear customers purchase?

For the last several years, our main focus has been to build the product for the needs of Dance, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, and Cheerleading. Organizations such as Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Hockey, Football, Baseball and school programs are also popular sports we create unique clothing for.   We offer the complete ensemble (from the sports bra, to the team jacket, and the matching pants).

Q: Do trends apply to sportswear as well?

Most definitely! We started out with oversized off the shoulder track jackets and baggy pants. Now the look is more fitted and streamlined to the individual. It is also important to stay on top of what is changing in design and fabric, also. Fabrics have evolved tremendously to make it easier for the athlete to perform comfortably.  Improvements include temperature regulation, capability to wick away moisture, support muscles, and even eliminate smell and sweat.  This is not your mom and dad’s polyester. 


Thank you Harvey. We are thrilled to be showcasing MEE Sports in this years festival and cannot wait to see the garments on the runway. 

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Written by Megs Aylward, Fashion Stylist and SFDF Blogger

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