Written By Emma Loewen ~SFDF Blogger

It was only a few short months ago that I nervously pushed open the restaurant doors, walking in to what would be my first ever SFDF board meeting. It’s moments like these that my age becomes painfully evident—I was literally shaking in my boots (or slides, more accurately!). But what I found was a welcoming group of fun-loving, driven, hardworking individuals who are passionate about the fashion industry and the growth of this city. It has been with this group—over wine, pizza, and a VERY long table (hello to everyone who sits at the far end!) that the SFDF show you know and love has been put together. 

And while I could try and introduce them all myself and explain why we do what we do, I think that they might do a better job…

Mandy Pravda,  Director/Co-founder

Mandy Pravda, Director/Co-founder

MANDY~ "Real style is never right or wrong, it's a matter of being yourself on purpose." - G. Bruce Boyer 

“8 years ago, SFDF started at the Broadway Cafe with a visionary group of people who wanted to not only create a fashion hub for inspiring designers and artisans to come together to have an artistic outlet and awareness to the depth of the fashion industry and beyond, but create opportunity for other entrepreneurs within the industry to thrive right here in our hometown Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

My love of fashion, personal expression, event planning and community have been my motivation and inspiration for volunteering endless hours to contribute to SFDF and mold what it is today using my skills to create something bigger, beyond myself, fuelling my purpose.

Through inception, evolution and again a dedicated group of persevering and contributing individuals, SFDF has indeed grown into “not just a festival” but a hub of tight knit creative minds all working together to create a platform for many artisans working on their passions to show the world.”

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, how we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel 

Claire Underhill,  Fashion Director and Blogger

Claire Underhill, Fashion Director and Blogger

CLAIRE~ “Give me a basket of accessories, and I'm the happiest girl around! I love to play with proportions - circle skirts and crop tops, a cigarette pant with a voluminous top, or a a slinky dress with a men's overcoat. This recipe goes far beyond my attire too; as a pixie girl, it's all about the balance between rocking your short hair with super-extra earrings and a statement necklace! There is something about the chemistry of fashion that has always been a motivator for me to wake up and strut out the door - "Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway”.”

Darby Sutherland,  Swag Manager and Blogger

Darby Sutherland, Swag Manager and Blogger

DARBY~ “The first article of clothing I bought myself was a velvet leopard print mini dress. I was eight. Ever since then my style has been based on a love of texture, pattern, and eye-catching detail. I have a special place in my heart for sustainable style practices and live in a mixture of thrifted and vintage clothing.”

Sarah Dorward,  Blog Manager

Sarah Dorward, Blog Manager

SARAH~ “‘Excuse me, my fashion impaired friends. I am here to tell you that hats are BACK.’ – Rachel Green from Friends”

Bria Ashmeade,  Conference Director

Bria Ashmeade, Conference Director

BRiA~ "Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will" - Anne Klein

Jessica Barredo-Finell,  Conference Assistant and Blogger

Jessica Barredo-Finell, Conference Assistant and Blogger

JESSICA~ “When I was little, my cousin and I used to pretend we were designers and models. We would use bedsheets to create long beautiful evening dresses. We also used foil to create jewelry and accessories. It was my introduction to fashion. Over the years, I have learned that fashion is more than just clothes and trends. It’s how you carry all of it- your confidence and attitude, that truly elevate the style.”

Sean Ryan,  Production Consultant

Sean Ryan, Production Consultant

SEAN~ Coco Chanel always said, "Before you leave the house, pull one thing off." Well, I say put one thing on! I love layering, and pattern on patterns! I don't typically follow any one style, I like to keep it interesting and fresh but for fall it's all about the coat.

Travis Dirpaul,  Volunteer Coordinator

Travis Dirpaul, Volunteer Coordinator

TORRY~ “Fall is a favourite time of year for me where I can use warm colours. I love being able to layer and use jackets and brown boots and shoes for us guys. Denim jackets and long sleeves shirts and finding the right watch or chain accessory is the added bonus of a great fall look.”

Addi Adedayo,  Fashion Consultant

Addi Adedayo, Fashion Consultant

ADDI~ “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which can take years. There is no how-to road map to style. It’s all about self-expression and above all, attitude.” - Iris Apfel

Amanda Smytaniuk,  Backstage Stylist and Swag Contributor

Amanda Smytaniuk, Backstage Stylist and Swag Contributor

AMANDA~ “To me, fashion is a fluid self-expression. Linked to identity and empowerment, it connects us all with our inner beauty and the beauty of others. My favourite fashion pieces both modern and vintage are those that are unique and elegant. I'm a huge fan of pairing see through items with conventional pieces, balancing classy and sexy in any season.”

Jaycee Genoway,  Backstage Stylist and Swag Contributor

Jaycee Genoway, Backstage Stylist and Swag Contributor

JAYCEE~ “I am a passionate sewer, creator, maker, designer, and DIY-er. I enjoy working with others who have the same creative energy and collaborate to showcase everyone's talent and skills. Trends that I look forward to for fall are blanket scarves and warm hats. i hate being cold, so always dress warm, bonus when it can be stylish!”

Kiara Desjardins,  Backstage Stylist and Swag Contributor

Kiara Desjardins, Backstage Stylist and Swag Contributor

 KIARA~ “Just like the majority of people, fall is my favourite season for fashion! My go to for the fall season is a pair of either black ripped mom jeans or a pair of baggy trousers. I usually pair with a patterned or mesh long sleeve under a t-shirt or tank, or sometimes a cropped sweatshirt. Then throwing over a very extra over the top jacket! Of course I will be wearing ankle or thigh high boots all season sometimes switching up for my favourite pair of sneakers (Nike Huaraches), plus a pair of my favourite sunglasses!”

Fyin Obayan,  Blogger and Swag Contributor

Fyin Obayan, Blogger and Swag Contributor

FYIN~ “One thing was for sure I always had a style of my own. When we first moved to school my mom would send me to school in big puffy dresses and put my afro hair in "Mickey Mouse ear" sized buns side by side every day. Since then I have learned to have fun with personal style and to be comfortable making bold choices!”

Emma Loewen,  Blogger and Swag Contributor

Emma Loewen, Blogger and Swag Contributor

EMMA~ “I love love love to layer! At the moment, my go to is a white t-shirt—throw it under a black cami, pull on some mum jeans and swipe on a red lippy and you’re all set! But as the weather is cools off (summer where are you!?) long sleeve mock neck tops are my favourite for layering underneath summer dresses and giving them a long life in my closet!”

Megs Aylward,  Blogger and Swag Contributor

Megs Aylward, Blogger and Swag Contributor

MEGS~ “Fall to me is the universal season. It is the one season you can really wear all the garments in your closet. Layering sundresses with knee socks or tights, layering with cardigans and scarves. Also where we reside some fall days can get quite frosty so you pull out the heavy winter clothing early and mix with your lighter clothing. It can bring a freshness to items in your closet you have become bored with.”

Rylee Molde,  Blogger

Rylee Molde, Blogger

RYLEE~ “My favourite colours to wear are black, black and black! My holy grail includes an oversized jean jacket, a leather jacket and a boyfriend cut jean! I am a true Canadian, I live for a good jean on jean outfit. Jennifer Aniston circa1990 is my style icon, what I would do to go back in time. Nothing can make me more confident than a killer outfit!”

Tanya De Delley,  Swag Contributor

Tanya De Delley, Swag Contributor

TANYA~ “Fall is my favourite season fashion wise. So many options for outfits, I love the plaids and deep colours that come along with fall. Give me anything in a wine colour, or the army green shade and I’m a pretty happy person. It’s also really easy to utilize your basics and add that fall look with a blanket scarf or floppy felt hat. It’s also the best time to start layering, and breaking out the booties!” 

We can not wait to celebrate fashion and design with you! Thanks for taking the time to get to know the faces behind the action!

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