Sneha Chakraborty, founder and owner of Colors of India, shines a whole new light on the #shoplocal movement.

The Downtown Saskatoon Indian ethnic fashion boutique embodies all things local, right down to the photography, the models in the photos, and the branding and marketing. And with all handmade, decomposable and vegetable-dyed garments, it’s also as authentic as it gets. 

Sneha says that in today’s fast fashion age where landfills are a problem and buying cheap clothes is simply not a solution, we need to support those who hand make clothing and become more conscious in the clothing community.


For the first time, Colors of India will be rocking the 2018 Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival stage, bringing all the style–and colors, of course–of India to the fashion-loving women of Saskatoon. Actually, many of the breathtaking pieces are made by the people of Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries that proudly cling to their 5,000-year-old culture of hand making clothes. 

See, we told you this store was authentic.


In North America, we often indulge in the culture of fusion food, and Colors of India is a bright, shining example of what may consider fusion fashion. Sneha encourages women to try pairing the muted tones of “Western world” apparel with colorful East Indian pieces for an interesting, fashion-forward look. This, she says, is why she became involved with the SFDF in the first place–to reach the mainstream market of Saskatoon and beyond. 

When it comes to participating in the festival, she says she’s most excited for Colors of India to gain a higher level of acceptance in the Saskatoon market, and to help make Saskatoon the most stylish city in Canada. Vibrant, inviting andcolourful? It’s no wonder they fit in so well in DTNYXE!


Written By: Tannis Miller, DTNYXE Marketing & Communications Coordinator 


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