Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival features both designers and locally owned retail stores. Sandbox in the City is an institution in Saskatoon and we are so excited to see what they bring to the runway this year. I got in touch with Samantha Carnduff to learn a little bit more about the store and what we can expect from their collection.

Photographer : Megan Shindel

Photographer : Megan Shindel

Q: Tell us a little about Sandbox in the City. 

The Sandbox in the city has been growing and evolving since 1987. It started out as “The Sandbox” a small corner of the grocery store at Waskasiu Lake, where it eventually grew into its own store, then a bigger store, eventually moving to the city where it took on its new name. Two years ago the store moved to its brand new specially designed location on Main Street and has been thriving even more since. The Sandbox has always been known as a welcoming place for women to seek wardrobe advice, special event attire, have a laugh, and ultimately feel good about themselves. Sisters Colleen Tait and Juanita Schindel are the owners of the store, and have done a wonderful job of creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable. 


Q: How long have you been involved with SFDF?

 This will be the 2nd year that The Sandbox will be shown on the SFDF runway. We are excited to be back again!

Photographer: Harrison Hall, Model: Mary Catherine McQueen

Photographer: Harrison Hall, Model: Mary Catherine McQueen

Q: Why did you become involved in SFDF?

Three years ago, I was asked to speak in the workshop portion of the festival about visual merchandising because a display that I created at the store won a worldwide contest. After attending the festival and watching the runway show, I was inspired by the collections, and how it was a place for people to express themselves. I wanted to see The Sandbox showcased on the runway too! I asked the owners and they said, “Go for it.” I saw it as an opportunity for the store to appeal to a new and exciting audience in Saskatoon. 


Q: What inspired this year’s collection?

This seasons collection will be inspired by all of the most exciting, yet functional trends for fall.  We strive to make women feel like themselves in their clothes. To bring out their true style, what they love about themselves, and what they feel good wearing. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to during the festival?

I am looking forward to seeing the designers’ collections, they never fail to impress. There is a lot of great talent in our city, and I love meeting creative people involved with the festival. Whether it’s speaking at the workshop, showing their creations at the marketplace, or putting on a show on the runway.  It’s an amazing group of people putting on a wonderful event, showcasing major talent. 

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Thank you to Samantha for taking the time to answer my questions. We are so excited to see what Sandbox in the City brings to SFDF this fall!

Written by Darby Sutherland, SFDF Board Member @darbarelli @goldiesgeneral


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