Saskatoon has always resonated with the nickname ‘The Paris of the Prairies’ and not just because of the famous Hip song. With the picturesque bridges, arts scene and the abundance of resources it is no wonder how it came to this name. Adding one more to the list is being the home of the only fashion design institute in the province.

The Academy of Fashion Design came to be in 1997 and its sole purpose is to teach students the art of inventing beautiful designs through courses such as pattern making, textiles, illustration and garment construction while maintaining a small school environment with lots of focus on the individual budding designer and building their personal brand. The mission of the school says it all, “Our students create designs, we create designers.”

SFDF is thrilled to have five of the second year designers from the academy showcasing their latest collections at our festival. Here is a little more information on what to expect from these diverse and unique collections. 

academy cover photo.jpg

First up we have Elena Moruz with Lena Fashion Design. Her main focus is on women's style and wedding dresses. Her inspiration came to her in a blaze. 

Designed by: Elena Moruz  Model: Tatiana Moruz

Designed by: Elena Moruz

Model: Tatiana Moruz

Second up is Erin Bartley with Underground Tailor. It is a line inspired by comfortable streetwear for women. Come to the show to see her pieces!

Third is Melanie Jomphe and her brand MAJ Fashion focusing on timeless and classy looks that will remain essential in any ladies wardrobe for years to come. 

Designer: Melanie Jomphe  Model: Meaghan Taylor  Photo: Natalie Lajeunesse

Designer: Melanie Jomphe

Model: Meaghan Taylor

Photo: Natalie Lajeunesse

Next is Laura Arenas, all the way from Columbia, with her line Larvana. Laura's inspiration behind the brand is for all the fashionable women. 

Designer: Laura Arenas                                        Designer: Laura Arenas

Models: Kiara Desjardin                                       Model: Claire Ochitwa

Last but not least we have Meaghan Ketilson with her line Dream Star Costumes. This is a costume line full of character designs she has brought to life with her sewing. Meaghan especially loves all the unique designs cosplay offers. A show stopper for sure, you will need to attend to see her creations!

All of these talented and creative designers also pull inspiration from the internet, art classes at the academy, and from fashion in the past and present day.  They are all looking forward to the festival and are excited to gain important knowledge at the conference prior to the shows and learn from other fabulously talented creatives in the industry.  Many of the designers graduate and have full careers in the fashion industry. We cannot wait to see what these ladies have in store for the runway and in their bright futures.


F: Academy of Fashion Design

I: @academyoffashiondesign


Written by Megs Aylward, Fashion Stylist and SFDF Blogger

I: @missnicksandmuse  

F: Miss Nicks and Muse Collective 

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