In today’s world we are told we can have anything we want if we just put our mind to it. More than ever, people have the opportunity to go out on a limb and create a life for themselves that they truly want and desire.  But how to start? What happens if it doesn’t work? What if it’s only a pipe dream?  What’s the end vision I want for myself? The idea can be very daunting and sometimes exhausting.  Just for a second though...

“Imagine a world where everyone discovers their dreams including you.  You would know where you want to go and why.  Your vision of how to get to your destination would be crystal clear; you would be well equipped with what you need to make the trip.  You would have the right people by your side to be successful. Obstacles would be opportunities to adjust your course. Believe in your dreams.”

The woman behind these beautiful words and vision is Marianne Bell. Her passion and vision are simple: she believes the world can be a place where everyone can live their dreams and live life to its full potential. SFDF is lucky to have her as one of our conference speakers this year.

Headshot: Paige Bell @distantides (instagram)

Headshot: Paige Bell @distantides (instagram)

Marianne is an independent, driven, curious, and compassionate woman. She is the ICT Manager at the College of Medicine at the U of S, Vice President of Professional Development with the Project Management Institute (PMI) North Saskatchewan Chapter, and an Independent Coach, Trainer, and Consultant.  She has over 15 years of experience solving business problems, leading teams, and improving business processes both in the public and private sector. 

As the ICT Manager of the College of Medicine Information Systems she is working on a strategic initiative to improve how the college manages their medical education information, as well as a refresh of their technology.  Some dreams for the future include having a place where young adults with big dreams can explore their dreams and create strategic plans to make them happen. As well, Marianne would love to provide opportunities through the PMI North Saskatchewan Chapter for youth to experience project management and gain life skills to make these dreams become a reality. Another of her goals is to offer entrepreneurs and passionate individuals affordable access to coaching and training in personal development to ensure their greatest potential. As a mother, she would like to provide her daughter with the same knowledge and support on being a fashion photographer. She is excited about being part of this festival as she will gain insight into the world her daughter would like to be part of.  It is a good opportunity to work on evolving her own personal clothing style while sharing with others her wisdom of how to showcase your visions to the world and not let your dreams die inside of you. 

Please join us on October 20that 1pm for Marianne’s presentation on Realizing Your Dreams by Navigating a Strategic and Purposeful Journey.  She will be teaching key principles from John Maxwell’s book, Leadership 101, on helping you understand why you should and how you can grow as a leader. Also through interactive group discussion there are practical takeaways on what you can do to impact your success in his book, Developing theLeader within You 2.0. Marianne will be sharing her own knowledge and personal experience from her own journey that was not always strategic and purposeful.

Written by Megs Aylward @missnicksandmuse, SFDF Blogger

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