What do you get when you mix an official Grammy swag bag contributor, and a volleyball mama with three kids? Amanda Park, Creative Director and Founder of Park and Buzz. After growing up from the age of 12 in the film industry, Amanda knows what it takes to succeed in the media, fashion and artistic world - all of which completely resemble Park and Buzz to this day.


Park and Buzz is a jewelry and accessory company that initially started as a fun hobby on Amanda’s kitchen table, and has since turned into a company that is rocking it on and off the big screen! 

What you may not know about this global brand is that the name is generated from Amanda’s past and present. Park, being her married name, and Buzz originating from her nickname in high school proclaimed by her volleyball team. Being a Ukrainian with the last name Bzdel will definitely do that to a girl! Despite the past & present attributes, the name as a whole has a special feeling that completely reflects the brand itself. Amanda wanted the brand to feel classy and elegant (think Park Avenue), yet still have a fun and approachable vibe, bring in Buzz!


Amanda’s goals aren’t small - they’re big. And rightfully so!! I mean the girl has been an official swag bag contributor to some of the greatest awards shows known to man! Shoot for the stars, girl! A few to note? Amanda wants to ramp up her online store, find a warehouse, and hire more support for her company! Think you’re a good fit for Amanda’s brand? Come to her conference talk and chat her up! Insider tip: Park & Buzz is going to be going beyond accessories and jewelry - STAY TUNED!

What might you learn at Park & Buzz’s conference talk? Amanda wants the audience to know that “anything is possible. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how much money you have or don’t have. If you have a goal and a drive [for that passion] and are willing to put in the work, anything is truly possible.”


Words of wisdom from Amanda herself: “I think so often people lean on excuses as a reason not to start. I say just Start! Be okay to start slow and grow. Learn along the way. And lastly, don’t be afraid to have a dream for your life. Demands of life often squash that, and we forget to dream. Have a dream for your life, your business, your family. Also, be brave and dream so big that is makes you uncomfortable and scary.”

Can I get a Beyonce YASSSSSSSSS.


Claire Underhill xoxo

Fashion Director, SFDF

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