By Madison Prosofsky

With Runway 2016 fast approaching, you obviously can't wait to see what the models will be wearing, but what about the glam factor? I had the chance to chat with Creative Director Kate Matthews and get the insider scoop about the hair, makeup, and nails you'll see on the runway this year.


Sleek, straight, and sophisticated are the best words to describe the hair for Runway 2016. The deep side part and a cheeky tuck behind the ear amps up your average straight hairstyle and works on all lengths of hair. Trying to beat that Saskatchewan static? Try adding a serum or oil to tame fly-aways and add a healthy shine!

M: How many years have you been involved with SFDF?

K: This is my fourth year working with the festival. It's one of my absolute favourite projects to work on and I feel quite lucky to work alongside such a smart, creative, hard-working (and of course stylish) team!


Nothing compares to a bold lip in the fall, especially when paired with a light contour, wispy lashes, and carved out brows. Keeping the eyelid bare tones down the lashes and allows the lip to take centre stage; plus, you won't have to worry about blending out any eyeshadow! 

M: Describe what the Creative Director's job is.

K: I work alongside festival founder Jacqueline Conway on creative direction and wardrobe styling- she and I have a blast together! I think of my role as that of a translator and a collaborator - I take inspiration from local and international fashion, art, music, politics, etc., and I bring those together to create an overall aesthetic for the festival's campaign photo shoots.

I also work with our beauty team at Visions Salon & Spa to create the hair and makeup looks for our runway shows. Basically, I work with the team to develop a visual direction and I help ensure that vision is executed. 


Inspired by the almost ethereal ambiance of the Delta Bessborough in winter, this years nails feature a twist on a classic neutral. If you have a hard time finding a matte grey polish (like I did), find a matte top coat instead! 

M: What does your day look like at SFDF Runway?

K: I get up bright and early to meet the models at the salon for hair and makeup. I'm there to help the models and the beauty team with anything they may need. I also like to be there to keep an eye on continuity (making sure the models hair and makeup looks the same). Strangely, I often find myself painting the models' nails- which I like doing because it gives me a chance to get to know the models and to learn their names (this is especially helpful later in the day when I'm working with the girls backstage... I'm not yelling "hey you" at everyone because I can put a name to the face!)

Next, I head to the venue once the beauty team has finished with the last model. Then I work backstage for the rest of the day and I'll do everything from helping a new designer sequence looks for their show, to wrangling models to dealing with random fashion "emergencies". I basically get my hands on everyone; I'm either taping clothing, lint-rolling, straightening their tie- you name it, I get in there... it's wardrobe styling heaven!

One thing I always do is give every model a once-over for hair, makeup and wardrobe right before they hit the runway; being a visual perfectionist can be a pain sometimes- but it's super helpful in a backstage situation like this! Outside of that, I'm there to help anyone with anything they need, it's all hands on deck and it's a tonne of fun working with the SFDF team!


With a look that's so effortless and easy to recreate, what are you waiting for? This look can take you from running errands around Saskatoon, to drinks (and SFDF Runway 2016) with your girlfriends, what more could you ask for?

M: One last question just for fun, what was your favourite look from NYFW? 

K: I adored the Vetements collection. Most of the looks could be worn by men or women and it was interesting to see a collection that comes by their unisexuality (I think I just made that word up!) very naturally. They're not actively trying to be a unisex label- it just so happens that their clothing appeals to many different people. I think given the neutralization of gender going on in fashion these days, we're going to see a lot more of that. 


A big thank-you goes out to Nicole Romanoff Photography for the beautiful photos, and creative genius Kate Matthews for sharing the concept before the models even hit the stage! If you still haven't purchased tickets, make sure to get them HERE!

- Madison