By: Brittany Schneider

Who says Sunday's have to be boring?

We sure don't! We have an entire lineup of eight, yes, eight local designers ready to show you what Saskatchewan fashion is all about on Sunday, November 6th. During this weekend's Saskatoon Fashion Design Festival, there will be two back to back nights of energetic runway shows featuring the best of the best on Saturday November 5th and Sunday November 6th. This post is going to fill you in on who to look out for on this Sunday at the Delta Bessborough Hotel. 


Ashryla Boutique specializes in genuine leather handbags, where no two are the same due to their handmade nature. Created by Tammy Leonew, these beautiful accessories are sure to make a statement. Every girl needs a standout handbag in her closet, as we all need something to carry our essentials with us when we're on the go. Tammy even has a limited edition Bridal collection in which she can customize bridal orders to coordinate with your wedding theme -- HELLO newly engaged ladies, I'm talking to you! In the words from the designer herself, treat yourself to a handbag that's uniquely yours. 


A place that all Saskatchewan ladies have come to know and love, Frakas Boutique. This is a boutique that truly has a piece for every woman, no matter what style you choose to identify with. Cool and casual? You bet. Fun and flirty? Absolutely. Edgy and fashion-forward? You got it. No matter what the occasion, Frakas has something for you! Although this fabulous boutique carries a little bit of everything, I must say that they take the cake for having the best selection of dresses. Whenever I am in need for a cocktail dress for an event, Frakas is somewhere I am always sure to pay a visit. For the fashion forward women out there that want to look their best, this local boutique is a must-see. 


This Prairie-based retailer is at the top of the ranks when it comes to lifestyle branded clothing and apparel. North Shore Outfitters knows their stuff when it comes to snow, skate, and surf brand for both men and women. This is a one stop shop for those of you who lead active lifestyles, and still want to look stylish doing whatever it is that makes you sweat. Or maybe you just want some great pieces for everyday wear? They've certainly got you covered! North Shore truly has something for everyone. To make things even better, they have stores in Regina, Saskatoon and Brandon, Manitoba! How's that for selection?


Fashion + uplifting inspiration = Authentic Brave Apparel. This Saskatoon based clothing company designs inspirational and motivational apparel for both men and women. These elevated basics can be worn every day no matter what your personal style may be. Whether it be with a great pair of denim, or your favourite pair of leggings and a leather jacket, these pieces will fit perfectly into your wardrobe. Although these clothing pieces may be simple, their written messages leave a big impact. I think we all strive to lead happy, positive lives, and I think it's great that a clothing company aims to present that as their main message. I can't wait to see what they bring to the runway on Sunday!


Designer Farrah Siwinikan creates clothing that honors her Indigenous heritage while embracing modern lines and style. Farrah's beautiful work has generated a diverse fanbase with the common denominator being a love of rich colours, natural textures, and traditional patterns.


Anthony's Fashion prides themselves on offering a broad selection of modern and contemporary clothing for men and women of all ages. On Sunday's runway you will be sure to find a blend of stylish looks that are unique to Saskatchewan, from formal to casual and all points in between. Since they first opened their doors in 2001, Anthony's has been gracing Saskatoon with both contemporary and modern fits that complement any person's busy lifestyle. They have you covered whether you're heading into the office, or heading out for a night on the town. There's something to love for everyone!


Whiskey Teacup has taken the fashion world by storm since Sharlyn VandenBroek and Laura Crossman presented their first collection in 2013. Their designs play up all sides of the style spectrum, showcasing beautiful lace feminine designs while also tapping into the edgy side of the scale. During this runway show, you are sure to see something that inspires you. I know I sure was when I first viewed their pieces! These ladies have a knack for playing up different textures and fabrics, and it certainly shows in their stunning collections; nobody does it better.  


Jo Stewart created Cedar and Vine to pioneer a brand that inspires confidence and uniqueness in people through embracing natural beauty and individuality. Now that's something I think we can all get behind! Every garment you'll see during her show on Sunday was designed, drafted, cut, and constructed by Jo herself. Cedar and Vine features pieces that showcase effortless femininity, and a minimalistic yet fashion-forward approach to fashion. These pieces allow you to feel comfortable, yet undeniably stylish. 

Don't have your tickets yet? Be sure to pick them up today, HERE! VIP swag bags are still available for Sunday night - DON'T MISS OUT! 

- Brittany Schneider