What started out as a simple house number that brought this duo, Luke Baird and Logan Tanner, back together - soon turned into a brand name that can only be defined as rebellious and cool AF.

As Creative Director of ELEVEN03, Luke Baird, grew up in Saskatchewan with vast visions of creating a brand that not only inspired those around him, but was unconventional - in the best possible way. Paired with his partner, Logan Tanner, as ELEVEN03’s Graphic Manager, they created a brand that is filled with expression, bad-assery, and street culture at its finest.


I previously wrote a blog about these guys last year for SFDF (https://www.saskfashion.com/blog/2017daytwo) when they showcased their Low Life Collection for our Runway Event – and ELEVEN03 hasn’t slowed down since. Bringing the YXE community underground hip hop shows, mixed with grungy skate park runway shows – you know these guys not only like to create an impact, but their clothes somehow have a special power that somehow makes even the nicest chick want to kick over a garbage can and yell “Eat the Rich!”. And, you know I’m game for all that.


Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your brand? Kick it with ELEVEN03 and join their discussion at the conference on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 3:00p.m. to hear about how they took their brand from a one-stop shop to injecting ELEVEN03 into full on runway shows, concerts, photo shoots, and managing their own blog and podcast! Learn about their originality and how to achieve culture and creation through collaboration.


Come out to the conference and check out these two dudes – see ya there, punks.

Claire Underhill Xoxo

Fashion Director, SFDF

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