SFDF has partnered with a Beauty queen Amy Epp from Mary Kay to give you a taste of what's new this season in their collection. I had the chance to get to know Amy and spend some time with her trying on all the wonderful products and all things beauty

Credited to Mary Kay Canada

Credited to Mary Kay Canada

Q: Why did you become involved with SFDF

I saw it as a great opportunity to become more involved in our city and a way to support local businesses and designers. I support SFDF in the way that they bring education and opportunity to our city through this festival. It gives those starting out a chance to connect with those who are seasoned and a chance to empower and inspire those just starting out in fashion.

Q: What are you most looking forward to during the festival? 

I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing the talented artists and designers of this province. This will be my first year attending the Festival and I am excited about this opportunity and experience.

Photographer: Nicole Romanoff

Photographer: Nicole Romanoff

Q: Did you always want to start your own business?

I always thought that I would be working in an office working to serve people. As I got older you realize that not everyone shares the same views or visions that you have on how to treat people and the type of business you conduct before them and behind the scenes. Mary Kay was introduced to me during a time that I needed a positive community and one that focused on me personally. A year after being told this Mary Kay gave me the courage to see that dreams are goals that with the right amount of Faith, Grit and Perseverance anything is possible.

Q: What do you like most about being a Mary Kay queen?

That is one of my goals to be crowned a Mary Kay queen. At the awards night at Seminar, which takes place at the end of July, that is when we are rewarded for what we accomplished from July to June. I love that I haven’t had to purchase a Jeweller or Purses since I started. On a serious note, I am enjoying the journey of becoming a leader and watching the women grow into their potential.

I have to explain a little about Mary Kay Seminar we do receive training from the Top Directors as Consultants but we also have fun. It is 2.5 days long. In the evening on the second day, we get together and celebrate everyone’s achievements for the year. Awards night is like attending the Grammy’s or Golden Globes. We celebrate in style like Red Carpet fashion and instead of trophies, we receive Diamond Rings and jewellery exclusively made for Mary Kay. If you happen to be number 1 in a category you receive a real diamond tiara and a serenade.

My second Seminar I earned my first diamond ring and achieved $30,000 in retail. That year I happened to be the only consultant in our area to achieve this level. I found out at the Seminar that I placed number 11th in Canada. It was such a great moment for me I broke so many belief barriers for myself and for the future women that I will lead. The ring that I received is a beautiful Blue Topaz stone with 16 diamonds. It’s big and stunning. It gets attention where ever I go. Mary Kay Ash believed in empowering women and praising them to success. For some recognition and prizes drives them. She also believes in giving us gifts that we wouldn’t normally purchase for ourselves. I love receiving flowers, jewellery and purses just to name a few they remind me of the growth that I went through and continue to receive and the legacy that I am building.

This year I will be receiving my second diamond ring which is a beautiful Ruby ring. I am also on my way to becoming one of Canada’s next Directors sporting the beautiful Pink suite that Nicole Miller exclusively designed for us including the accessories. We pride ourselves in being one of the best dressed Direct Selling companies out there and continue to receive awards for this category. There are so many positives with being a part of Mary Kay and would love to continue the conversation at the Festival with you. Make sure you stop by the Market to say hey!

Credited to Mary Kay Canada

Credited to Mary Kay Canada

Q: What would you like other aspiring females to know about branching their brand

“If you think you can you can and if you think you can’t you’re right.” ~Mary Kay Ash


Written by SFDF blogger Angelique Niyo, creator of Astralgirlinlingerie

IG- @epp.amy.mk

W- www.marykay.ca/amyepp

F- Amy.l.epp

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