What would you do if you stumbled upon an auction of fifty denim men’s jackets (yeah, that’s not a typo…5-0)? For Cora Cummins of Hardcoras, the answer is clear: you buy them on impulse! After adding some leggings, a pair of scissors, a collaborative husband to the mix, and the Hardcoras husband-wife team was born. Drawing inspiration from downtown Tokyo street style and Miami cool-girl vibes, Cora + Sean have created a unique fashion label that features clean lines with an epic sexy twist (cue the Laina Rauma fans!). I mean, I can guarantee if you put a piece of Hardcoras on, you’ll feel like you’re that hot friend of Amber Rose or Kim K’s - and I totally wanna be that chick.

hardcoras collage - on bike and mannequins .jpeg

What all started with a pair of cut-up leggings for an island resort family vacation, turned into a life long passion come true. These cut-up leggings became a staple piece at Hardcoras (you can still find them sold today!) which further encouraged this dynamic duo to think outside of the box when it comes to street style in Saskatoon. Soon after the success of the leggings, denim infiltrated Hardcoras headquarters and took off as the newest style representation of their brand. For the upcoming season, Cora + Sean have turned to the island aesthetics for inspiration by incorporating “fruit, flowers, vegetation and birds” into their denim looks, and as a flamingo addict myself, I’m obsessed. Take a look for yourself on their insta-page @hardcoras for the newest styles. 

hardcoras  red shirt and pineapple jacket.jpeg

At SFDF, we aspire to consider ourselves little fashion cupids, and after interviewing Hardcoras on a designer they wish to collaborate with, without hesitation, their response was Christian Leigh with Basic Bleach. After further prodding, I have come to learn that they are friends in real life, but I can sense a budding fashion friendship emerging on the horizon! I can see it now… Hardcoras x Basic Bleach – like the new Jeremy Scott for Moschino! Make my dreams come true, ladies! 😊

hardcoras red pants black bodysuit on bike copy.jpeg

Written By SFDF Fashion Director ~ Claire Underhill

Photo credit: Photography, makeup & hair, and model skills by Cora Cummins of Hardcoras.


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