by Nicole Romanoff

Well it's official - SFDF has a fresh face on board! Meet K-Lyn Bonogofski: K-Lyn is Pug adoring, coffee drinking, go getter, who is our newly appointed festival Marketing Coordinator! K-Lyn is a recent B-Comm graduate from the University of Lethbridge and fashion has been one of her passions from a very young age. As her family can attest, K-Lyn would sport up to four outfits in one day to keep things interesting (sounds like my kind of gal)!

Today we take a moment to welcome and introduce K-Lyn to our fashion community by asking her some heavy hitting questions (kidding!), and to kick it off I asked K-Lyn what she's most excited about in her new role as our very own Marketing Coordinator.

While in University I did a little bit of modelling so I’m familiar with the fashion industry, but I am very excited to be a part of the management side and apply my educational and professional experiences to this role. I am also fresh to Saskatoon, therefore I’m excited to meet some new people, and make some new connections within the community.

Q&A with K-Lyn:

FAVOURITE FASHION READ? The Elements of Design by Erin Gates and anything Vogue for sure. I also LOVE men’s fashion, so I’m a big GQ fan too.

FAVOURITE FASHION AND NON FASHION NETFLIX PROGRAM? I don’t know if it’s on Netflix or not, but growing up I definitely learned my fashion essentials from What Not to Wear! And right now I am currently obsessed with The House of Cards, maybe it’s their hunger for power that allows me to admire the show so much, or Claire Underwood’s wardrobe. 

FAVOURITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT? @caraloren, @juliahengel, @weworewhat, and @yourshittyfamily – it’s bad, but I love a good laugh.

GO TO STORE IN SASKATOON? Stasia Boutique, I’m a huge consignment lover! One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

FAVOURITE 2016 FALL TREND? Does a pumpkin spice latte count? Just kidding. Definitely leather leggings or pants or anything that is wine colored.

BEST FASHION ADVICE? Dress for you, not for anyone else. And don’t be afraid to make a statement!

website: instagram: @klyn.bonogofski