Many people may not realize it, but fashion and music go hand in hand. Artists including the Beatles and their classic mop tops and Beatle Boots, Britney Spears and her exposed midriff, and Iggy Pop's shirtless bod and tight jeans are all prime examples of iconic style. Fashion gives an artist an identity, making them memorable and in many instances igniting new fashion trends. Today we listen to country/pop music artist Brooklyn Roebuck gab on fashion and her personal style. 

Brooklyn Roebuck is an edgy and fun country music singer with killer vocals. Already she has impressed many with her talent, winning the Nationally televised TV show, YTV's The Next Star (Season 5), and being nominated for the Rising Star award at the 2015 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards. All extremely impressive for a girl who is only 17! 

All the way from Chatham, Ontario, Brooklyn spent the week in Saskatoon working on promo shoots and writing new music for an upcoming album. The saskfashion blog was lucky enough to style, photograph, and interview her during her busy schedule. Read on for the full Q&A and pictorial...

1. Describe your personal style?

70s inspired boho chic... I love mini dresses with clunky boots. Very vintage and earthy.

2. What is your favourite 'go to' outfit? why? 

My favourite ‘go to’ outfit is very comfy. It includes my favourite pair of jeans from American Eagle, a brightly coloured plaid button up from Free People, and my very worn out army boots. It is a true country looking outfit that is also really comfortable.

3. Have you ever committed a 'fashion faux pas,' if so what was it?

 I can’t really think of a time I have committed a ‘fasion faux pas’ recently at least. I do, however, remember when I was around 12 or 13, my friend didn’t bring a bathing suit to my house so I let her wear mine. Since that was the only bathing suit I had, I ended up throwing on some clothes instead of a bathing suit. I can’t remember what exactly I put on, I just remember being really embarrassed when my parents and her parents ended up seeing me in it.

4. Where are your favourite places to shop?

I have two favourite places to shop. One is Winners because there is such a variety of clothes and items to buy - from Guess clothes to my favourite chocolate bar. My other favourite place to shop is definitely Free people. The majority of my clothes are from Free people. I love how different every piece of clothing is there.

5. What's your most favourite piece of clothing? why?

I would have to pick my worn out army boots as my favourite piece of clothing. They are completely worn out from walking in snow and gardening in them but I still love them. One of my shoelaces was bitten off from one of my singing teachers cats and I still wear them almost every day. They are comfy and very easy to take on and off.

6. Who's your style icon, and why?

I love Taylor Swift's style. She always starts her own trend and I find she always looks very elegant.

7. Do you have a favourite current trend? 

Right now I am loving the long shirts or mini dresses with shorts on underneath and the really high boots. It is a very different look and I am loving it.

8. Skirts or pants?

100% PANTS!

9. What was your impression of Saskatoon style?

 I loved Saskatoon. I left wanting more. It is a very artsy place that seems to have lots of history. I feel like if I lived in Saskatoon I would never be bored. Also the Saskatoon berries are to die for! 

10. Three words to describe your style.

 Boho, earthy, and vintage.

For more on Brooklyn, follow her on instagram and twitter @brooklynroebuck or her website, Also stay tuned for her new song release 'Good Day' on Country Music Radio.  A giant thank you to American Apparel for the wardrobe, Vinyl Diner, and Nicole Romanoff Photography.

Happy Fashion Friday Everyone!

- Nicole Romanoff

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