Meet Christine Tournier Tienkamp, Designer of SS River Designs. SS River Designs celebrates Metis culture. This year will be the first year she shows her collection in the SFDF Fashion Show and we couldn’t be more excited!

Shaun Savage Photography

Shaun Savage Photography

Tell us a little about SS River Designs. 

“I am passionate about preserving my Metis culture. At the same time, I am realistic that beadwork has to be sewn into modern wearable pieces that you can fit into your wardrobe!  I want to take this traditional art and incorporate it into wearable beautiful clothing that women would love to wear” 

Christine Tournier Tienkamp designs pieces utilizing traditional metis glass beadwork and beadwork printed fabrics.  Historically Metis people were known for their flower beadwork patterns embellished on garments, footwear and bags.  Christine’s garments have scrolling beadwork flowers sewn into dresses, skirts and jackets. 


Why did you become involved in SFDF?

“I love how SFDF celebrates and highlights local designers. There is so much amazing talent right here locally, I wanted to be a part of it.” 

Shaun Savage Photography

Shaun Savage Photography

What inspired this year’s collection?

“This collection was inspired by the strong metis women in my life. The colours are strong and passionate; reds and blacks pop on cream and white. Modern pieces with hints of my culture not only in the beadwork but in small touches like pettipants, full skirts and hints of crinoline.  These pieces are wearable and easily incorporated into your wardrobe.”


What are you most looking forward to during the festival?

“I am looking forward to being able to share my culturally inspired creations at such a positive, supportive, world-class event!”

We are absolutely in love with her collection, the colours, the detail! We know it will look amazing on the runway and are so happy to add this amazing designer to our SFDF family this fall. Shop her designs here.


Written By: Darby Sutherland, SFDF Swag Manager & Blogger   

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