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Let’s be honest in this day in age we are bombarded with advertising for brands millions of times a day and on hundreds of different platforms. It is not just on the television and in a magazine anymore. Businesses have more pressure than ever to get noticed and be unique in a sea of similar companies using all the same latest social media platforms. As well as not only trying to brand themselves but staying on top of the ever quickly moving curve of what is the hottest social media outlet. SFDF is lucky enough to have one of our own Board of Directors, Community Engagement & Events Officer for OUTSaskatoon, and Saskatoon original, Sean Ryan, speaking on Branding OUT of the Box.

Sean has been working in the diverse fields of Events, Design, and People Relations for the past decade.  Community is an important detail in Sean’s life whether he is enjoying one of the many local festivals and events Saskatoon has to offer, helping impact the feeling of equality in Saskatoon, or fundraising for charitable organizations. When asked what he was looking forward to most about the festival he answered, “Seeing the creative minds of Saskatoon come together to share their hard efforts in making Saskatoon the cool place we all know it to be!”

He sits on three major Saskatoon boards; Chair of Saskatoon Sexual Health Board, VP of Saskatoon Centre NDP Board, and as mentioned above, SFDF. As well as in the past worked at large with The Saskatoon Pride Festival, QEXCA Community Association, and SUM Theatre. 

People Relations became a love of Sean’s after working on events within the LGBTQ2S. Brand management was always something he had an interest in and being a creative soul it felt natural to help design and create branding tools for businesses to attract their consumers and clients.  He is someone that has a natural ease about him, loves people, and truly cares about your brand and its success. His goal when working with clients is having them see themselves as that brand.   

Please join us on October 20th at the Delta Bessborough Hotel for a step by step on the IN’s and OUT’s of brand management, maneuvering the age of social media, avoiding online disasters, and knowing your audience and competition. 


Written By: Megs Aylward, SFDF Blogger


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