Laura Crossman and Sharlyn VandenBroek's first spring/summer collection was released in 2013. Their collaborative effort to create Whiskey Teacup since then has been nothing short of success. Their use of light and airy materials incorporated with unique and diverse textures creates a one-of-a-kind clothing line that is both feminine and elegant. This year's pieces are suitable for a casual outing or a very formal event. This is not the first time they have blown away the audience at SFDF POSE. In the following pictorial, you will find Whiskey Teacup's collection for the POSE runway. 

I'd like to thank Laura and Sharlyn of Whiskey Teacup for their time and effort put towards this event, Visions Salon and Spa for the hair and makeup, and Erin Crooks Photography for capturing the moment! 

- Tiara Jackle : Raw Fashion Blog