SheNative, founded by designer Devon Fiddler is fuelled by her past and also her desire to inspire and promote other Indigenous women. Devon's minimalistic designs include Indigenous cultural elements with a powerful message. The importance of uplifting and empowering women is the driving force behind the brand. As SheNative continues to grow, Devon hopes to put an end to stereotypes and plans to donate her time and profits to support other Indigenous women and girls. 

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Devon about what drove her to create SheNative.  Read on to hear what she had to say...

SheNative was brought to life through Devon's love and interest for fashion, and her desire to give back to other Indigenous women. She was inspired by other entrepreneurs, and followed her dreams to create a life that she wanted to live. Currently, Devon has been designing for about two years. She started with her vision of the brand, and looks to traditional cultural designs, nature, and current trends to trigger her creative process. 

1. What inspires and influences you? 

"Positive influences and being outdoors inspire me the most. Being around positive people, listening to calming meditation music while I work, and taking my dog out for walks. Sometimes that's when really great ideas hit me, when I'm out and about."

2. What is your favourite part of being a designer?

"Having fun during fashion shows and events is probably the best part, and being creative as well. I know that I am very particular when it comes to my brand, and now I feel more confident in my abilities, and I'm having way more fun with it!"

The past year has been full of opportunities and accomplishments for Devon. She was selected to be at the 2016 Young Entrepreneur Alliance Summit in Istanbul, and has been selected for two awards from Start-Up Canada: Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Sustainable Business of the Year! She is enthusiastic and believes her greatest accomplishment is yet to come. 

2016 is proving to be an exciting year for SheNative. The 2016 collection will be featured on the runway and the upcoming trunk show at Saskatchewan Fashion Week this weekend in Regina.  Devon continues to create new pieces and will be showcasing them at the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival event POSE on Sunday June 5th

3. Are there ways you choose to support local business and people when creating your designs? 

"Yes, this year we have started a pilot project called Her 4 Directions. It is a collaborative process which created a fashion incubator to offer studio space to support designers, entrepreneurs and and artists to help them launch their companies or projects. The project was administered by SheNative goods but founded by five Indigenous women entrepreneurs. Right now, we are in the process of strategic planning and helping to form the project into its own entity! I also do a lot of collaborations with local artisans and designers."

4. What can we expect from SheNative in the future? 

"To open up a local shop or kiosk, hopefully this fall, and to start seeing our SheNative handbags in retail locations nationally, and hopefully internationally."

You can stay updated about new designs and projects by visiting @shenativegoods on instagram and by visiting her website.

I am humbled to write about such an inspiring designer - thank-you Devon for taking time to discuss your brand with me. SheNative will be showcasing at SFDF POSE, on Sunday June 5th down at the River Landing Amphitheatre. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter (below) to stay updated with what Saskatoon fashion scene has to offer. 

- Tiara Jackle

(Photos: Nicole Romanoff Photography)