By Trianna Palidwor

Saskatchewan fall is upon us… which as we all know could mean a 30 degree temperature difference in one day! Besides the less than predictable weather, Saskatchewan women wear fall fashions to winter's bitter end, which means we have to be a bit more creative and infuse new ways of styling our classic staple pieces.

Speaking of creativity, today's post features a collaboration with stylist Alex Simon from White Dhalia by Dutch Growers. Alex kindly chatted with me about her favourite seasonal trends, modelled a few of the boutiques hot new styles, and even taught us a thing or two about looking our best! Enjoy!

T: How did your love for styling begin?

A: I have always had a great interest in Fashion! Growing up, I was always that “fashion friend” that my girlfriends would come to when they needed an opinion or advice; however, I think I truly realized I loved styling when I was given the opportunity to style the Choc'LaCure Fashion Shows at Dutch Growers. I received amazing feedback after the show, and some of the best compliments were from from the models who would say, “I don’t think I would have ever put this together... but it works and makes me feel so confident!” Instilling confidence in every woman I style is my ultimate goal as a stylist.

Look 1 |

T: How would you describe this first look?

A: This look is everyday meets glam. It's an outfit that can be worn throughout the day or even at night to meet up with the girls. It has an edgy feel to it, which I love, but it is also made up of staple pieces. Faux fur is also one of my favorite fall fashions this year for its ability to bring glamour to any outfit.


Jacket - Unreal Fur

Denim - Dex Clothing

Sweater - Brunette The Label

T: How would you describe the White Dhalia by Dutch Growers Boutique?

A: White Dhalia is a local boutique that has always been known for its incredibly diverse range of fashion – from everyday to workwear to night out style and everything in between – White Dhalia truly has it all. I think what makes the boutique so unique is the way that we strive to create an all encompassing experience for women when they come in. Through our customer service, knowledge and merchandising of the store, we create an atmosphere that is truly an experience to remember.

Look 2 |

T: Tell me a bit about this look!

A: This look is effortless & sexy. It's a look that is so easy to put together yet, it makes a bold statement! Over-sized clothing is a trend we are seeing with celebrities right now and is also big for the fall 2016 season.


Sweater - Free People

Sunnies - Mercury

T : What is your advice for the retail fashion stylists out there?

A: Ask as many questions as you can with the customer. What are they looking for, their budget, size, etc., making sure you are getting all the information you can! Be genuine in the way that you are helping someone and open minded because, at the end of the day, you are dressing them for what they want to wear, not what you like.  Do not be scared to make suggestions either. If they don’t like it, that’s fine, suggest an alternative!

LOOK 3 |

T: Let's chat about the third look!

A: This look is a perfect mix of sporty and girly... bohemian sporty is the best way to describe it! It's a mix of two of the hottest fall looks!

Bomber - Ci Sono  

Dress - Free People

T: How do you personally choose your outfits?

A: How I dress is a direct reflection of who I am. I have a lot of fun with it and I don't ever worry too much about what others will think - as long as I feel great in what I am wearing I feel that will directly show through the outfit!

Look 4 |

T: What was your inspiration behind this last look?

A: This look was inspired by a sporty/edgy take on fall fashion. Bombers are a great piece for the season because they are so versatile! They can be paired with jeans, dresses, skirts.. really any piece you want to mix it with it will work. The plaid tunic is another versatile piece that adds an effortless feel to the look.

Bomber – Vero Moda

Pled Tunic – Only

Sunnies - Quay Australia  

T: What do you love most about styling?

A: Probably the overwhelming happiness I feel when I can help someone find an outfit they feel amazing in. At the end of the day, stylist's have the opportunity to empower and that's what I love most about it!

Today we are excited to announce White Dhalia will be showcasing their boutique on the SFDF RUNWAY taking place Saturday, November 5th in the Bessborough Hotel. This will be a show-stopping set, and we can't wait to see the fabulous fall fashions in person!

Thank you to Nicole Romanoff for capturing the beautiful images for this blog feature, Alex Simon for chatting with me as well as styling & modeling,  White Dhalia for the amazing wardrobe, Visions Salon and Spa for fabulous hair & makeup and last but not least, the fashion weather gods for waiting until after this shoot to bring winter ;).

For full event details and to purchase tickets head to the SFDF RUNWAY page.



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