Did you know Saskatoon has a fashion design college? Well it does, and it's impressive! For the last couple years, SFDF has invited the Academy of Fashion Design to partake in 'POSE' down at River Landing.  SFDF prides itself on being a community festival, and never steers from the objective; to provide a platform for fashion designers and artists to all members of the community.  SFDF was excited to present two members from the Academy of Fashion Design this year!  The designer featured today is Joanne Stewart.

Joanne Stewart, the fashion design student attending the Academy of Fashion Design program impressed the audience with her use of layering, an abundant use of texture, and rich flowing fabrics. The colour cream was a common throughout her line, as the palette chosen was mostly neutral with hints of warm terracottas, browns, and reds. Joanne's designs provide much visual allure, as every item has so much structural detail and beauty. It's clear this young designer will make a name for herself in the coming years. 

Enjoy the 2015 line by fashion design student, Joanne Stewart. Photos by Erin Crooks Photography.