Even as a child in Ghana, Abigail Coleman, CEO and Designer for Eleganzia Couture, designed and created clothes and jewellery. Her interest in fashion led to a career at internationally known UK brand, Top Shop, as a buyer. Always with an eye for elegance and details, Abigail founded her line when she relocated to Regina, Saskatchewan. Her African background coupled with the experience and influence of living in three continents provide a basis for her designs. This unique combination gives birth to designs that enhance the figure and explore bold colors together with simple, but sharp details all geared towards the word elegant. For each design, Abigail tries to reflect the image of God, the greatest designer, by concentrating on the beautiful human physique, different cultures and colors of the skin.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?
The genesis of the fashion house Eleganzia Couture was myself as a child with a God given talent, ability and insatiable desire to design and create things.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
My favorite part is when I see people who thought less of their image or figure wearing my designs and feeling and looking so awesome in them, it's a mission accomplished for me.

What was the first item you ever sewed?
My first was a dress for my baby doll, I was a little girl.

Who is your favorite fashion designer, why?
Valentino. Because of the use of bold colour and patterns, and how he explores  all kinds of fabrics on extraordinary designs. 

What are your inspirations around your designs?
I'm inspired by the human figure and the everyday happenings around me. 

Where do you source your materials and fabrics?
My prints are from Ghana and the other fabrics from Fabricland.

What are you most excited about during the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival?
I'm excited to be part of Saskatoon because of the opportunity to showcase my designs  to a new crowd of people from all walks of life including different cultures in a beautiful restaurant and in a park, awesome.

What are your plans for the future?
To be worldwide. To have my line in various shops in Saskatchewan and beyond and to open up my own shop eventually.

What are 3 words you would use to describe your designs?

The Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival is very excited to have Eleganzia Couture part of the 2015 festival! You can expect to see the designs on the Deconstructed Runway this Friday at Bottega, and at POSE taking place this Sunday at the River Landing Amphitheatre.