What is the Saskatchewan Fashion Association?

Saskatchewan Fashion Association is the non-profit, member-based organization that represents, promotes and develops the commercial fashion industry of Saskatchewan. We work for Saskatchewan designers, models, photographers, stylists, boutiques, hairstylists, makeup artists and more and the fashion industry on provincial, national and international levels. Essentially, we do as much as we can to help you get where you need to go. That means we help our members develop their skills and we provide the resources they need to succeed in the fashion sector.

We offer programming including industry listings, career consultations, workshops, marketing and export assistance, networking opportunities and much more. Our upcoming and established professionals hail from across the province, and work in pretty much every aspect of fashion you can imagine. We are a source of information and resources for both the public, and the fashion industry. If you have questions about the scene here, we can help.


Why was a fashion association started?

We sent out a survey to the fashion sector in early 2019 and discovered the following:

  • 90% are trained outside of Saskatchewan or are self taught

  • 7% manufacture in Canada, with the vast majority manufacturing themselves

We asked what services and support designers needed most, they said:

  • Sales and distribution

  • Business planning and budget education

  • Branding and marketing

  • Funding and grants

When asked if Saskatchewan needed a Fashion Association, 100% said YES!

We discovered our fashion community needed so much more than just an annual festival, but ongoing and focused support.


How will SFA make a difference for the Saskatchewan fashion industry?

We will operate by our guiding principles:

  • To assist in the development and promotion of Saskatchewan fashion designers and all industry contributors on a provincial, national and international level; 

  • To increase the viability and recognition of the industry as a vital element of the economy and cultural identity of the Province of Saskatchewan;

  • To operate with the highest levels of integrity and stewardship as ambassadors for our sector and province;

  • To support the growth of designers and creative entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals;

  • To foster a culture of inclusivity and positivity to inspire and empower our fashion sector.

In our first year we plan to roll out and offer the following for our sector:

  • One-to-one career consultations

  • Workshops and training

  • Marketing support

  • Export and import assistance

  • Networking opportunities

  • Partnership savings

  • Sales spportunities

  • Research

Details on how this will be offered and fulfilled will be coming in November 2019.


How can I get involved?

Thanks for asking! Visit our Get Involved page to learn about all the ways you you do just that!


How does this effect Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival (SFDF)?

Since the inception of SFDF, the industry’s needs have changed and evolution is key to building a sustainable fashion sector. After a decade of promoting local designers and producing events, SFDF will be on hiatus as the association will be the primary focus of the leadership team.

A major part of our two-year strategic plan is to completely reimagine a new event model for the fashion sector on a provincial level. This new event model will involve feedback from the sector and involvement from all stakeholders. We will evaluate what is best for the industry and how to make fashion events a successful endeavour for all involved.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all designers, models, agencies, creatives in hair, makeup, styling, photography, volunteers, sponsors and fans for their support over the past decade. It’s the culture of community in Saskatchewan that allowed the festival to come together and flourish. Stay tuned for further updates on programming and available workshops through SFA by subscribing to our newsletter below.


Did SFDF and SFW merge to create the Saskatchewan Fashion Association?

No, each organization has always been separate. SFA is a brand new legal entity formed by the original co-founders of SFDF.

With the past work of Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival and Saskatchewan Fashion Week we have a strong foundation for the industry to create and cultivate a dynamic and viable creative industry for our province.


When is the annual general meeting (AGM)?

Our first AGM will be in March 2020. This is open to all members, and newcomers. Board Elections will take place at this time. We will announce all the information through our website, newsletters and social platforms. Subscribe below to stay in the loop!


Who can become a member?

Anyone can be come a member of the SFA, individuals or companies may register.


I see you support fashion designers. Who would be considered a fashion contributor?

Great question!

Direct fashion industry contributors include models, agencies, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, fashion educators, illustrators, retailers, pattern cutters, sewers, clothing line sales representatives, wardrobe stylists, and any other professional directly involved with designing, creating, or selling clothing and accessories.

Indirect fashion industry contributors include marketing and brand agencies, bookkeepers, lawyers, accountants, etc. Basically any professional needed to support the operation of a business.

The Saskatchewan Fashion Association was founded to support all direct fashion contributors, however, indirect contributors are welcome to join as a member.


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