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Paramount: Unique, Fashion Forward Pieces in the Heart of the Prairies


Paramount: Unique, Fashion Forward Pieces in the Heart of the Prairies

Written By Emma Loewen, SFDF Blogger

As any girl who grew up in Saskatoon knows, Paramount Day Spa and Boutique is a one stop shop for not only their salon and spa needs but also, in recent years, unique, fashion forward pieces that blend seamlessly with prairie fashion trends. Take a step inside the space and you will find a welcoming contrast to the hustle and bustle of its third avenue location. 

While you’re browsing the boutique, make sure to take a look at the different services the spa and salon have to offer. What is better than a shopping day and pedicures!? Be it a cut or colour for your hair, a lesson in makeup application— you name it, Paramount has it! 

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to interview Paramount’s very own Laura Dutka to learn more about the space, and talk all things festival and fashion.


So what role do you play here at Paramount, Laura!?

L: Currently my role is mostly administration, but, along with Chelsey Hein, our Asst. Mgr., we are fully involved in all the buying for our boutique. My daughter, Sarah Dutka, manages the promotion and day to day activities of Paramount as a whole.

How did Paramount become involved with SFDF? Is there a reason you chose this particular festival?

L: We participated as a vendor in the market a couple of years ago and were very impressed with the professionalism of the fashion show and were motivated by the marketing potential for the boutique portion of our business. Our goal in presenting at the festival fashion show is that women in Saskatoon and area will recognize that Paramount is a viable option for their fashion shopping.

Jamie, In Love Photography

Jamie, In Love Photography

At Paramount, what are you most looking forward to during the festival? What shouldn’t attendees miss!?

L: We love putting together outfits and dressing models for fashion shows.  The festival is a great opportunity to see what is currently happening in the Saskatoon fashion world.

Exactly! With summer just beginning, and a hot one at that, what are some ways women in Saskatoon can beat the heat while remaining current and fashion forward!? 

L: Fabric is always a big factor when you are trying to stay cool.  Cotton is, of course, one of the best options, but linen is the ultimate classic.  Having said that, linen is often a hard sell in Saskatchewan – I don’t think Sask. women are in love with their irons…lol!   With the often quick weather changes in Saskatchewan, the proverbial little jean jacket in denim or white is always great to have in hand or thrown in the backseat of your car.  Goes over almost anything and looks fashionable.

Those are such great ideas! That being said, are there any specific pieces that you would recommend to women shopping at Paramount?

L: It’s hard to say what we’ll have in the boutique at any given time as we keep our inventory of individual items to a minimum to ensure our guest's fashion individuality.

That being said, the festival is just around the corner meaning cooler temperatures and fall fashions! Any predictions as to what will be trending fall 2018!?  

L: When we were doing our buying for fall, we saw a lot of that rich caramel colour, and a carry through from last fall with more classic navy & Bordeaux.  Faux fur will continue in trims and full outerwear. 

Thanks again for your time, Laura! Can’t wait to see Paramount at SFDF Runway in October!

Jamie, In Love Photography

Jamie, In Love Photography

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Join us October 20 & 21 2018 and experience Saskatchewan and Canadian fashion!