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A Day in the Life of a SFDF Model


A Day in the Life of a SFDF Model

I had the honour and pleasure of modelling on this years' runway for SFDF POSE. It never fails that the weekend POSE falls on is always very hot and sunny (and windy)! We all arrived in the early AM at Visions Salon & Spa equipped with sunscreen, caffeine, and excitement for the long day ahead of us. 

As soon as we arrived at Visions, we were directed to a hairstylist's chair to begin our transformation. This is where the beginning of the creative conception of the event started to take form. This was an exciting period as we were all waiting to see how our hair and makeup would be done. This year our hair was parted in the middle, french braided on both sides, with loose curls hanging down from them, which was soon referred to as festival hair. For makeup, we were given a very simple natural look which included a base, winged liner, beige eyeshadow, mascara and a pastel lip. We also all had a laugh painting each others nails an opaque white. 

Around 10AM we relocated to River Landing and changed into our first outfit and waited for the show to begin. This year there was a designer every hour, which eliminated a rushed change but created lots of extra time to visit with the designers and models, or to watch the entertainment. 

New Balance 

Two Fifty Two Boutique 

Dean Renwick

She Native

Whiskey Teacup

This event may seem like a long, hot, sweaty and tiring day - it was - however what makes it bearable is the people we were surrounded with. The event coordinators were always there, smiling, helping and encouraging us models, which was greatly appreciated. Also, this event was like a huge reunion, as I knew most of the models from previous shows and shoots. It was essentially a day of catching up, laughter and story-telling amongst us all. I enjoyed meeting some new faces as well! We all helped each other to get through the day, and that is why this event was successful.  

This event was truly an impressive gathering of local talent, which I am so proud to be a part of. It was incredible to watch the city come together and enjoy locally curated fashion and art. I am constantly thankful for all the people I have met and all the friendships I have made due to this event. I cannot wait for next year! 

Thank you Erin Crooks for the photos! 

- Tiara Jackle : Raw Fashion Blog