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LIGHTS, CAMERA, FASHION! Meet the artists who create all the right feels

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, FASHION! Meet the artists who create all the right feels

By: Stephanie Hilash

It wasn't until I began volunteering for the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival that I realized how much work goes into creating an event like this. There are several important elements that create the high octane RUNWAY Show, and each element has its own unique group that works tirelessly to make everything perfect for the big night! While the festivals focus is on the designers themselves, lets not forget about the wonderfully talented people behind the scenes that assist in making the production grand! This year we have Carrie Gates on visuals, while Mike Gaff drops some mad beats.

Continue reading to find out how these two artists will bring their unique talents to the show!

Lets start off with a quick bio!

Carrie Gates - Carrie Gates’ video mixing works using sound-reactive 3D processing and unusual rhythmic juxtapositions to create throbbing psychedelic responsive compositions that add a new dimension of interaction and intrigue to any environment. Abstract digital imagery is mixed live with hand-shot, performance-art-influenced footage, to create a hypnotizing, bent reality that is infused with concepts of visual music, set in a glitched-out 3.0 fantasy realm. Gates creates websites and print materials for small businesses, academic organizations, Indigenous communities, artists, and music labels. She has played an active role in the experimental electronic music scene and independent artist-run organizations since the mid-1990s. Carrie Gates has a degree in Art History from the University of Saskatchewan.

Mike Gaff - The Gaff is a world renowned party rockin DJ & music producer, playing regularly throughout the US, Canada & Europe. As a DJ, GAFF plays parties, clubs and festivals of all types with a multi genre approach and scratching skills. Raised in the ways of the master hip hop dj's since the mid 90's...As a music producer, GAFF's music is soulful, funky & jazzy, always with the rhythm first and foremost, the beat of the drum, prominent with modern bass music always main characters of his sets. 
Gaff is also known across the globe as a record collector of many of the rarest funk & soul records ever put to wax with a collection of over 10000 records,  many of which are the origins of modern day music as we know it. An innovator, a historian, and a master of the turntables, Gaff is sure to bring you a sonic experience of the highest caliber.

Q&A: What do you enjoy most about the festival? 

Carrie - I love the feel of all of the energy behind the scenes on the night of the runway show. It feels electric and it is so much fun to watch every little bit come together so smoothly between all of the different aspects of the event.

Mike - The decor, the thought that goes into it all, & the people that are interested in fashion & the arts. That's what gets me!

What can we expect to see from you this year? 

Carrie - This year I will be creating a set of custom video clips based loosely on each designer's collection. As the runway show unfolds, I'll be on headset with Mandy Pravda to get cues about when to begin and end each set of video mixes I've made for each designer

Mike - Well, I'll just be djing during the runway show so that is pretty str8forward, I always have a few tricks up my sleeve though

For more information on either of our artists please visit their websites.

Carrie Gates

Mike Gaff

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