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LET'S TALK LOCAL - Designer Laurie Brown + Erin Crooks Photography


LET'S TALK LOCAL - Designer Laurie Brown + Erin Crooks Photography

By: Nicole Romanoff

For a small city, Saskatoon photographers, designers, and models are creating work comparable to that of fashion capitals around the world. The latest work by team Laurie Brown Fashion and Erin Crooks Photography  is one that definitely falls into that category.  These breathtaking images are the epitome of 2016 fall/winter fashion, and truly give me the warm and fuzzies!

Today on Small Business Saturday, we explore the work of these unique small businesses and chat about an opportunity to support local at the Black Market Market this weekend. But first let's take a peek, and uncover the inspiration behind this jaw dropping editorial by fashion designer Laurie Brown and Photographer Erin Crooks.


Local acclaimed Fashion Designer Laurie Brown created this gorgeous holiday line with the vision of wearing these stunning pieces to your next holiday cocktail party. She wanted to create looks intensely rich in velvety texture and leave you feeling inspired by the on trend styling.  From the stocking details to the choice of accessories, it's a mega fashion hit!

Laurie also had her hand in the creative direction of the shoot. Erin Crooks mentions that the set was really inspired by Laurie's style.  Laurie created the backdrop wall and really wanted a modern aesthetic by keeping it simple and feminine, yet keeping the focus on the wardrobe. 

These images were taken in Erin Crooks photography studio in Saskatoon, and Erin shares her space with the talented makeup artist, Holly Decker.  Like what you see? Perhaps support these local businesses this holiday season by purchasing your own holiday photo shoot - you deserve it! (Book here -

The importance and benefits of supporting local small business are many.. Not only are you improving the local economy, you'll receive better customer service than you would receive from many big box retailers, and you'll also keep your community unique. By supporting our local small businesses, we are creating a place that gives these artists an opportunity to do what they do best! Now that sounds pretty important to me.

With the holiday cocktail party season about to begin, I would definitely say there are an abundance of unique local options.  Perhaps you have fallen in love with Laurie's holiday dresses pictured in this editorial.. if so, make sure to head on down to the Black Market Market taking place tomorrow (Sunday November 27th from 3 to 9 pm). This is a great opportunity to not only find your perfect holiday outfit but also find some amazing accessories to pair with it!

The Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival is incredibly proud of the creative community in Saskatoon. The past five years we've watched as the fashion community has grown and new opportunities for these talented artists to sell are ever present.  So as we approach the holiday season, consider buying less and choose more meaningful pieces.  Perhaps even choose to support local artisans and designers in your community. 

High fives for shopping with local small business.

- Nicole


Designer: Laurie Brown Fashion

MUA: Makeup by Anh Pham

Models: Kristen Antunes + Brianne Sikorski

Photography: Erin Crooks Photography