This year at the SFDF, Kristina Derrick will be bringing STRAY’s unique runway presence. STRAY’s family-like group of women believe that even if you haven’t worked the runway before, if you have the passion and desire to learn, you’re golden. In fact, having no experience is the best experience to have! We had the pleasure of learning how to work the runway fiercely and confidently at one of Kristina's workshops, and also got to know more about THEmama STRAY even more during this interview.


Q: Why did you become involved with SFDF? 

My career in fashion started in 2012 in Vancouver – while I was studying fashion at JCI, I was volunteering my time and paying my dues working behind the scenes at fashion shows and photo shoots across the province. SFDF strikes me as an opportunity for our local YXE fashion community to thrive and grow as I did at the beginning of my journey to Vancouver. Volunteer positions within the festival are a great way to bring up our next generation of creatives and fashion business heavyweights. Lasting fashion culture and community is built from the ground up – SFDF offers that opportunity in our city. 

Q: What are you most looking forward to during the festival? 

What I look forward to the most is having all our local creatives under one roof, celebrating our crafts. STRAY collaborates throughout the year with incredible people and having the opportunity to connect on a personal basis in such a creative space opens the door to new connections and meaningful communication.

Q. When did you start your agency?

STRAY debuted on a beautiful day in April of 2016.

Q. Was modeling something you were always passionate about? 

At first, I was determined to become a wardrobe stylist for film and commercial photo shoots. I was working on set constantly – taking on as many internship opportunities and learning as much as humanly possible about the fashion industry. Unexpectedly, through a very timely networking opportunity, I was offered a position as a Model Scout for an international talent agency in Vancouver. Through this opportunity, I started to realize my passion for business. I realized that I had a great eye for not only fashion styling and creative direction but for casting talent. When I came home from my time in Vancouver I saw an opportunity to open an agency with a fresh outlook on representation and development and so I opened STRAY.

Q: What does STRAY represent?

STRAY represents a strong female bond in a world where we are constantly in competition with one another. I aim to facilitate a safe space for women and girls to flourish personally and professionally and to recognize their greatest potential without fear. 



Q: What do you look for when signing a model to STRAY?

The first thing I look for is confidence – that fire. When I’m scouting or meeting with a prospect, the way they carry themselves really stands out; there’s a sense of professionalism and focus that shows in their posture and mannerisms. I have an eye for interesting faces, I don’t subscribe to Eurocentric beauty standards – diversity is of the utmost importance. A genuine interest in developing personally and professionally is also crucial to joining the family. 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Romanoff

PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicole Romanoff

Q: As an agency, what do you hope to change how agencies operate?

STRAY’s mission is to create a safe space for young women. Changing the notion that the modelling/fashion industry destroys confidence and self-esteem is our agenda. STRAY was designed to be a place for women and girls to learn about themselves by learning about one another. Our sisterhood is the most essential part of this and every move I make is based on what’s best for the whole.

Q: What does a day in the life of STRAY look like?

It varies from day-to-day. For the most part, I drink a lot of coffee and send a lot of e-mails. I spend my business hours sending casting calls for the girls, submitting comp cards to clients for consideration, meeting for coffee with potential models or clients, chatting online about collaboration with local creatives or just chatting with the girls about planning concepts and styling for upcoming shoots or their development in general.

Q: Where do you see STRAY in 5-10 years from now?

I’ve been asked this before and I feel so blessed to say that all of my 5-year goals have been realized in our short 2 years of business. We’re looking forward to crushing our 10-year goals within the next two years. ;)

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